Holiday Books to Enjoy!


December is the time for snow,
hot chocolate, blankets,
and snuggling up with your favorite holiday books.
I found some wonderful books for this season that you
may not have heard of before.

All of these books can be found at Bellevue University Library for you to check out and enjoy!

The First first-christmasChristmas Tree PS3117. F57  A short story on how the Christmas tree became part of the celebration of the Lord’s birth.  The story centers on an episode in the life of the 8th-century Benedictine monk and missionary Winfred, who traveled from his home in the southwest of England to bring the Christian faith to pagans in Frisia and Germania.  (Goodreads reviews)



London Snow: A Christmas Story  PS3570 H4 L6  At Christmas time two orphans and their guardian search through snowbound London for their missing landlord, even though he has threatened to evict them. (Amazon)



christmas-phonograph-recordsThe Christmas of the Phonograph Records; A Recollection  Charmingly, Mari Sandoz tells of a long-ago Christmas in western Nebraska when her father’s house was filled with good music. (Amazon)


christmas-gifChristmas Gif’; An Anthology of Christmas Poems, Songs, and Stories Written By and About African Americans  PS509 C56 R6  When it was first published in 1963, it was greeted with much fanfare and celebration.  Here at long last was the only collection of Christmas poems, stories, songs, and plantation recipes written by and about African -Americans.  (Goodreads)

we-are-what-we-celebrateWe are What We Celebrate: Understanding Holidays and Rituals  GT3930 W37 2004  Why do we exchange presents on Christmas and Chanukah? These questions and more are answered in this fascinating exploration into the history and meaning of holidays and rituals.


christmas-holidayChristmas Holiday PR6025 A86 C49  For Christmas, Charley Mason’s father granted him a trip to Paris, all expenses paid. It should have been a lark, but on his first night Charley meets a woman whose story will forever change his life.


christmas-new-ideasChristmas, New Ideas for an Old Fashioned Celebration GT4985 H23 1962 This keepsake book takes you through the process of getting ready for Christmas starting in July.  The author shares with you the details of her personal family Christmas celebrations that began in her childhood.  It comes complete with ideas for handmade and baking gifts.  (Diane Osborne)


The Twelve Days of Christmas  GT4985 H23 1962  “Our main aim has been to give a short historical survey of the customs and traditions of each of the important days among the twelve, illustrated from contemporary sources.. We have … taken Christmas as we find it today, and discussed or illustrated those traditions or observances which seem recognizably connected with it.” (Pg. 5-6) (Amazon)

old-christmasOld Christmas  PS2069 C4 1977  This charming and long forgotten holiday classic, by one of American literature’s most beloved writers, was inspired, in part, by Dickens, “A Christmas Carol,” and other celebrations of old time Yule.  Splendid suppers and rural churches, cheerful dances and hearty spirits imbue this short novel with the magic of the season.

frontier-army-christmasA Frontier Army Christmas F596 C879 1996  “Christmas is woven into the fabric of our military history. Nowhere was this history more charming, tragic, elegant, and memorable than in our own frontier army of 1865-1900.  As you will see in, “A Frontier Army Christmas,” these celebrations of Christmas were frequently dependent upon the whims of history and the fortunes of war.” (Preface of the book)

you-better-not-cryYou Better Not Cry: Stories for Christmas PS3552 U745 Z93 2009  Augusten Burroughs has, and in this caustically funny, nostalgic, poignant, and moving collection he recounts Christmases past and present-as only he could. With gimleteyed witand illuminated prose, Augusten shows how the holidays bring out the worst in us and sometimes, just sometimes, the very, very best.

stupidest-angelThe Stupidest Angel PS3563 O594 S78 2005  A humorous tale of what happens when a none-too-clever angel overhears a little boy, who, having witnessed Santa taking a shovel to the head, prays for Santa to return from the dead.


visions-of-sugar-plumsVisions of Sugar Plums PS3555 V2126 V57 2002b  A holiday adventure finds Stephanie Plum struggling to remove an intruder from her apartment and falling for a mysterious newcomer.


irish-country-christmasAn Irish Country Christmas  PR9199.3 T36 I74 2009  Barry Laverty, M.B., is looking forward to his first Christmas in the cozy village of Ballybucklebo, at least until he learns that his sweetheart, Patricia, might not be coming home for the holidays. That unhappy prospect dampens his spirits somewhat, but Barry has little time to dwell on his romantic disappointments.

These books will be on display near the front of the library so they will be easy for you to checkout when you come by to visit.

Let us know if you have any favorite books that you like to read during December.

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