National Video Game Day

raspberry_pi_hero-pigrrl2-outside.jpg National Video Game Day, perhaps one of America’s silliest national holidays. But I say embrace the silly and enjoy the day. How? There are so many ways.

1) Build an emulator– An emulator is a way to play old school video games on new school devices. It’s relatively easy to set this up on a Raspberry Pi or Adafruit system. I’m not the “techiest” person and it took me about an hour to have a game set up and ready to play.

2) Make a video game– There are all sorts of platforms for this. They range anywhere from free to three digit figures, so choose wisely. Check out New Directions in Aesthetics from our online catalog for some visual inspiration. How To Do Things with Videogames and
Build Your Own 2D Game, two books in our on-campus collection, have lots of great tips about design, platforms and function.

3) Read a book about video games– Let’s face it, some of us are just not inclined towards virtual gaming of the video variety. So for those non-gamers that still want to act cool on the day, check out a book from the  BU Library. We have an impressive collection of video game related titles, which can be found here.

4) Visit the National Video Game Museum– Granted its in Frisco, TX but if you happen to be out that way, take a gander. Those of us further afield will have to settle on the archive and blog posts from their sister organization the Video Game History Museum.

5) Play a game– Any game will do. You can drop by an arcade and spend a couple bucks. Play your favorite childhood game on the console you’ve squirreled away on the top closet shelf. Or get crazy and purchase a new one with a game you’ve never played. You can even play old school games online at the Internet Archives found here.

Let us know what your favorite video game(s) are!

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