BUILD IT – The First Ten Years!

build-it-iconToday, September 8, is International Literacy Day! Since 1965, on this day, schools, communities, and organizations around the world have participated in International Literacy Day activities to promote the importance of education. So it seems fitting that the Library celebrates literacy this month too with the ten year anniversary of BUILD IT, our information literacy tutorial.  Maybe you have heard of it; if not where have you been!  BUILD IT (short for Bellevue University Information Literacy Development Interactive Tutorial) was launched in September 2006 and has been helping students navigate the mysteries of the Library ever since.  More than an information literacy tutorial, BUILD IT is a step by step guide to the Bellevue University Library itself and all its resources and services.  Using screenshots, detailed explanations, and interactive quizzes, it walks students through the sometimes complicated process of researching, writing, and citing a paper. One student put it this way, “This was a real eye opener. BUILD IT has helped ease some of my anxiety that comes when I have to do a writing assignment. Thank you for putting together such a wonderful tool.” This sentiment has been echoed by many students over the years: “an awesome tool for learning,” “extremely helpful,” “easy to follow and detailed.”

BUILD IT had humble beginnings, designed on a shoestring over the course of a year, using Microsoft Frontpage and not much else. We were pleased with it but after a few years, it became obvious that BUILD IT needed a makeover. Frontpage had become obsolete, unsupported, and no longer up to current web standards, so over the course of another year, BUILD IT was rewritten in HTML 5 and CSS 3 and the new BUILD IT was launched in the Fall of 2013 (see BUILD IT: The Makeover blogpost).  Though brought up to code and cleaned up on the backend, it was basically the same BUILD IT, with the same look, content, structure, and functionality, but sporting new colors to match our website. Well, here we go again!  We are excited to announce that once more BUILD IT will be undergoing a makeover, over the course of yet another year. This time, it will be a major rebuild and redesign, giving it a new modern look with more interactive features and capabilities.  For example, instead of using screenshots that frequently must be updated, live websites can actually be embedded in the pages, making it much easier to keep it up to date. Short video tutorials can be embedded too, taking the place of much of the text and accompanying screenshots. Details are being worked out, but rest assured, the goal of BUILD IT remains the same as it has always been: to build students’ information literacy skills and library skills, so that they can effectively use all the Library’s resources and services.  So stay tuned, because this time next year, we will be introducing the really new BUILD IT!

Happy Tenth Birthday BUILD IT and may you have many more!

Look for BUILD IT under Find on the Library homepage.

Let us know your experience with BUILD IT, have you tried it?  Did you find it easy to use?  Let us know in the comments.

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