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Apps for CollegeIt’s September and that means it’s time to think about leaves falling, crisp air, and yes, back to school.  When I was in college a long time ago, things were way different.  You had to use pen and paper to keep track of your classes and assignments.  Today we have ipads and iphones.  With that technology comes wonderful aides to help make your college life much easier. 

Here are some amazing apps that can help make this next year more productive:

Elevate: Use this brain trainer to help you build communication and analytical skills.  This app will improve your comprehension, writing, listening, and speaking abilities by offering interactive games to help you strengthen your cognition.  This app has been downloaded more than 10 million times worldwide.

OneNote:  This is a virtual notebook synced to the cloud. Originally part of the Microsoft Office Suite, OneNote is now a standalone app available for free on all major mobile platforms, including iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Key features include the ability to quickly organize and save notes, webpages, and photos, as well as collaborate with others. OneNote also supports the use of a digitizer or stylus for handwritten notes.

Easily Do:  Need a smart assistant OR need to be more productive? This app is for you. It is free or you can purchase a premium subscription from $4.99 per month.  Merge your Gmail, Yahoo!, iCloud, and Exchange Contacts List so you can keep each separate and clean.   Keep track of upcoming bills and filed receipts.   Use the Upcoming Calendar Details to get all the information you need before your next event.  The Birthday feature allows you to always remember the birthdays of those in your Contact list. Lots more features to explore to keep you productive.

Mint: With Mint, you can see exactly how you are spending your money and what percentage of your budget is going towards food, gas, shopping, and saving.  Some great features are customized budgeting and money management tips.

Headspace:  With the stress of tests, assignments, and daily tasks occupying the majority of your thoughts, it is extremely important to give yourself that mental break.  With Headspace, you can allow yourself to take a ten-minute break with a series of breathing and meditation exercises that will clear your head.  If Headspace is not for you, try apps recommended in the article, “Five Great Apps for Meditation.”

The Skimm:  This news application shares the top news stories of the day in an engaging and concise feed so that you can stay up to date on important current events without wasting a second of your precious time.  It also includes fun updates, events, and premieres such as when your favorite Netflix show is returning or when National Coffee Day is.

1 Second Everyday:  With such busy schedules, it can be easy to lose track of life’s precious moments.  With this app, you can capture the highlights of each day in just one second by taking a quick photo or video.  These moments then become pieces of a larger video diary that the app creates for your enjoyment.

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Let us know if you have experienced an app that has helped you in your college life.  We will be sure to pass it on!


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