Super Statistics with Statista

StatistaFinding statistics can be tedious and frustrating, but Statista, a new library database, takes the pain out  of it. With 1,000,000 continuously updated statistics from over 600 areas, you are sure to find what you need. Statista draws from all manner of sources, including public, private, and government, and delivers all types of data.

Statista, in fact, gives you much more than raw statistics; it also provides forecasts, trends, studies, country profiles, and industry reports.  A bonus feature is the Infographic which presents data on complex subjects in an engaging visual way. In addition, over 1000 dossiers present a thorough overview of specific topics, as seen through charts and graphs covering every conceivable aspect of that topic. All this disparate data is then integrated to be accessible from a single portal.

You can start with the search box or browse the categories listed across the top of the page. A warning though, you may get distracted along the way, as the homepage tempts you to take a peek at popular and recent statistics, such as the so called Big Mac Index (yes as in burgers!). Once you start down that path, you are likely to find yourself curious about other random statistics, for example, Super Bowl viewership over the years, or Twitter accounts with the most followers, or number of apps available in leading app stores…but back to reality and the statistics you really need.

Most likely you are looking for some type of business related data; chances are Statista has it! Your initial search will bring you to a specialized page that provides a starting point for additional searches. For example, type in “social media marketing” and it will find hundreds of related results that include not only charts and graphs, but also studies, dossiers, industry reports, and infographics. Scroll through the many results listed, or use one of the options provided to narrow them down to a more manageable and focused amount. Once you have found what you are looking for, Statista offers several ways to display the data and several file formats for incorporating it into reports and presentations. Information about the sources is provided, as well as embed codes, if needed, and citations. The uses for Statista are as varied as the information itself and, regardless of how you approach it, statistics have never been so easy! Look for Statista on the A-Z Database List under Find on the library homepage.

Originally posted in the Freeman/Lozier Library’s quarterly newsletter, More Than BooksV. 19 No. 3, Summer 2016.

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