Coloring for Stress Relief

Silver Spring, Maryland.Coloring for stress relief has been recognized as a rising trend in recent years. It was first noticeable primarily in the United Kingdom and Europe before moving over to United States. Using coloring to relieve stress provides the opportunity to focus on just one thing, completing a picture however you feel like. This allows one to take focus away from worries and also encourages creativity. There are varying materials you can use to fill in your chosen pictures. You can use whatever coloring utensil you like: crayons, markers, colored pencils, pens, etc. Most of the time coloring options for stress relief are divided in to two selections: mandalas which are largely circular designs with varying patterns inside, or coloring sheets such as from coloring books (for adults or otherwise), character pictures, patterns, etc.

Coloured felt-tip pens bound together with rubber band

There are plenty of resources online to get you started or, if this is something interesting to you, there will also be an opportunity to try it on Bellevue University’s campus this week on February 23rd during “Stress Less Week.” Other events for “Stress Less Week” include Balloon Darts on Monday the 22nd, the BU coloring sheets on Tuesday the 23rd, a Limbo Luau on Wednesday the 24th, and Lego Imagination on Thursday the 25th.


Adult Coloring Books Promise Relief


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