Favorite Formats to Contact the Bellevue University Library

Most individuals have a favorite means of communication they use to interact with family, friends, colleagues, professors, and customer service personnel. In September 2013, I e-mailed a brief needs assessment survey to more than 100 online and Lozier Center students who have used Outreach Services in the past. One of the questions on that survey was:

Which formats do you prefer to use to contact the Bellevue University Library? (Please check all that apply.)

  • E-mail               83% Hands using keyboard of laptop computer, close-up
  • Phone               44%
  • Online Chat     44%
  • Text                   16%
  • Fax
  • Face-to-Face
  • Other


No person who replied to the survey preferred to communicate with a fax or face-to-face, and no one suggested a format that wasn’t listed. As the results above show, the top three formats from the assessment survey were e-mail, phone, and the 24/7 online chat. It has been eight months since these results were tabulated, and some who replied to the survey may have changed their preferred format. I also want to ask the opinions of those of you who read this blog and didn’t participate in the original survey.

154_2886517-W[1]When you need to ask questions of the library staff, which initial communication format is most convenient for you? 

If it is e-mail, have your e-mails been answered promptly by the library staff?  if it is by phone, have your calls to the library been referred to the person who can be of the best help to you? If it is the online chat, have you been satisfied with the completeness and the delivery time of answers you received? (For those of you who have not yet tried the “24/7 Chat” that is available on the library’s home page, during the hours that Bellevue University Library is open five of our Reference librarians answer your questions. 154_2888604-W[1]When our library is not open, qualified librarians from other time zones field your questions and consult our web pages to answer what they can.) In addition to the library home page, a widget labeled “24/7 Librarian” is available on the right side of most of the library pages – including this one!

The library staff encourages you to comment on this blog and let us know which communication format is most convenient for you. All of us are here to provide you with the assistance you need to have the best experience possible on your life-long educational journey.



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