Visual Data: How to Create an Infographic

Infogr.amWouldn’t you like to use an easy tool for quick infographics? On February 5th, I gave a presentation to our library on, a tool for creating infographics. If you have never heard of or even infographics, I have some great information to share with you. was founded in 2012 by newsroom people, Uldis Leiterts and Raimonds Kaze. They wanted to empower journalists with an easy infographic tool. This award winning company, headquartered in Latvia, touts that “ is the fastest growing data visualization community on the planet!”

So what is It is a free application where you can illustrate your data, edit your data, download infographics to save or send to colleagues, and finally publish the infographic to Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. In fact, you can easily embed the infographic into your blog post!

My presentation included a live demo of how easy it is to use by using a template from their website to drop in text, photos and links. If you would like to see a demo, I have embedded a YouTube video from Laura Graves who show you just how easy it is.

Lastly, if you want to shop around there are a number of other infographic websites available such as Piktochart,,, and

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