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Looking for a good website? Try looking on the library’s homepage on the left hand side under Library for Reference Websites. The Library staff maintains this reference directory as a service to Bellevue University students, as well as online visitors.  Listing in this Directory is performed voluntarily and without Bellevue University endorsement of the listed Internet Links.

The websites are grouped into the following categories: art, Bellevue University publications, biology, business-advertising/marketing, business-career, business-copyright/intellectual property, business –general and miscellaneous, business-small business, chemistry, citation/writing, communications, computer graphic design, computer science, criminal justice, culture, economics, education, English as a second language, environmental science, geography, health management, history, international, law, literature, mathematics, philosophy, physical education, political science, psychology, reference, sociology, and women’ studies. Click on the category and you will get a list of websites. Each website listed has a question mark next to it. Click on the question mark for a brief description of the website. For example: under the Business-General and Miscellaneous category you will find “American Business Leaders of the Twentieth Century”.   Click on the question mark and you will find that the website is “A Harvard Business School site that provides information about 20th century business leaders by name, company, industry, or era.”

Looking for help in writing a business plan?  Click on Bplans under Business-Small Business.  You will find free sample business plans and marketing plans, as well as several marketing calculators. It also has “how to” articles on business plans.

Under criminal justice you will find the following websites: Bureau of Justice Statistics, Federal Bureau of Prisons, Indicators of School Crime and Safety 2010, National Archive of Criminal Justice Data Archive, National Center for Juvenile Justice, National Criminal Justice Reference Service, Nebraska Commission on Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice.

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