E-books on Business

Did you know the library has a several  databases with electronic books which focus on business?

ebrary Business & Economics Collection – Contains e-books and other materials from leading publishers in Business & Economics; including books on accounting, corporate culture, economic policy, human resources, international business, and marketing titles.

Oxford Scholarship Online – Business and Management collection broadly defines and builds on the foundation disciplines of business and management. The selected full text titles are written by economists, sociologists, psychologists, political scientists and historians, as well as business academics.

Oxford Scholarship Online – Economics and Finance collection has an extensive list of full text publications in Economics and Finance with authors ranging from classic thinkers to modern masters, including twentieth-century Nobel Prize winners, and from across the globe.

Here are some of the ebooks from ebrary Business & Economics collection:

Effective internal communication by Lyn Smith and Pamela Mounter. (2008)

This book provides a general overview of internal communication in the  corporate world and explains why it is so important. Sections cover e-mail etiquette, communication theory, and running a meeting.

Rebuilding a real economy: Unleashing engineering innovation : Summary of a forum  by Steve Olson. (2010)

This summary highlights the insights of the panel members at this forum. The main points of the conference are discussed and the challenges the United States must face to remain a leader in the global community.

Managing the human factor: The early years of human resource management in American industry by Bruce E. Kaufman (2008)

This book traces the history of the human resources management department in the United States from its earliest appearance in the 1870s to 1933 and the emergence of the New Deal.


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