Plagarism and Copyright Webpages

Late in 2018, we decided it was time to revamp the plagiarism and copyright webpages. The decision was made to bring more awareness to the plagiarism resources provided on the Library website. Brandi Bengtson, the Electronic Services Specialist – Web, created what is called a landing page, a single webpage that is created on the ‘back end’ of our website through WordPress and the use of html in order to help the page you see be as clear and concise as it is able to be. The Bellevue University Library website has many landing pages such as “Find,” “Home,” and “Ask a Librarian.”

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Halloween Candy Fun Facts

Halloween is a time for creative costumes, sneaky tricks, and fun treats. You’ve always had that one treat that you set your sights on while trick or treating, right?  Many of the popular treats you see today go back a long way, and have evolved ever since.  Every year it seems that they come out with a twist or whole new kind of candy.  So, I thought it would be fun to take a look back at the history of Halloween candy.

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Sinister Six 1st Appearance: Electro


Real Name/Alias: Max Dillion

1st Appearance: The Amazing Spider-Man #9, February 1964

Place of Origin: Endicott, New York

Profession: Super Villain

Affiliations: Sinister Six, Frightful Four, Emissaries of Evil

Partnerships: None

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Ep. 39: A Banned Books Week Postscript

MoreThanBooksLogoWelcome to Episode 39 of the “More Than Books” Podcast! Named after the official Bellevue University Library newsletter, each episode features library staff members discussing a topic related to literature, libraries, technology, pop culture, and more. Now available on iTunes!

“More Than Books” Podcast – Ep. 39: A Banned Books Week Postscript

Description:  Welcome to the More Than Books Podcast! In this episode Joel and Colin reflect on the history of how controversial texts have been received and how there should be more to Banned Books Week than talking about the latest young adult literature being challenged in public and school libraries. Examples discussed range from the 4th century BCE (the suppression of apocryphal religious texts) up through today (the current state of news media in Turkey).

Click the above link to stream or download this month’s podcast!

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Scenic Overload – International Postcard Week

For 50 years, I have collected postcards. It is an inexpensive hobby; they are easy to transport, most of them have vibrant colors, and a single glance years later can transport you to a time and place that you found to be breathtaking.

In 1974, most of Dad’s extended family met for a reunion in Grand Lake, Colorado for a memorable week. My cousin Kelly was in Grand Lake all that July doing summer stock with the repertory company that has been there for decades. We didn’t see much of her outside the theater, but just looking at the Grand Lake postcard reminds me that I saw her portray Eliza in “My Fair Lady” and be one of the stage managers (as well as part of the chorus) of “West Side Story”.

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Extra, Extra, Read All About It…

There’s nothing quite as powerful as the spoken word or the impact free speech has on every citizen.  October 6-12, 2019, is “National Newspaper Week” and celebrates the effect newspapers have in our communities.  It has been observed the first full week of October since 1940 and this year’s theme is “Think F1rst—Know Your 5 Freedoms.”


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Did You Know? Fall 2019


The Freeman/Lozier Library is always changing to keep up with the latest trends and services to offer you our best.  Our More Than Books newsletter has a “Did You Know” section that keeps you informed about the changes that have taken place in the library.  Here is the latest news from that newsletter:

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It’s Pumpkin Time

In the United States, pumpkins go hand in hand with the fall holidays of Halloween and Thanksgiving.  Pumpkins are nutritious, rich in vitamins, low in calories, fat and sodium, and are versatile.  Pumpkins can be used in a variety of soups, desserts, breads and, of course, the all-American pumpkin pie. Continue reading

Authors Who Sing: Claire L. Evans

Technology plays an active role in almost everyone’s daily life. Whether it’s the computers we use for work, our phones, social media, or entertainment, it’s hard not to be connected to technology and the internet these days. For better or worse, it’s a part of our society now.

This is a theme the band YACHT, and singer/founding member Claire L. Evans play with quite often. YACHT stands for “Young Americans Challenging High Technology”, and they are aptly named, with such songs as “I Thought the Future Would Be Cooler” and “War on Women”.

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