Get Organized From the Bottom Up

Ntl Organized Month CartoonIt was a cold Saturday morning when I discovered that my plans had changed for the day.  Naturally, my mind drifted to an organization project in the basement of our house.  In it was in a large storage room which begged my attention.  It called out to me, “You haven’t visited me in a long time.  It has gotten so crowded in here that I can barely breathe.  Would you please do something quick?”  The next thing I knew I was occupied in that room for the next three hours.  I had a big task ahead of me, with lots of time, and no distractions to get in the way.  I love to organize so what more could I ask for?

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Study Tips to Keep You Organized

StudytimeAs we all know, studying comes with the territory of being in classes. Whether it’s for tests or papers or even just assignments for the next day, studying is necessary. There are plenty of blogs that tell you not to procrastinate and make sure you’re not distracted. I’m hopefully going to hit some points that we don’t know much about. Continue reading

Becoming Mobile: Library on the Go

Library on the GoLast summer, the Library staff decided to implement a new idea. Instead of having patrons come to the library, we transport a portion of the library to them. One Friday each month over the lunch hour, four of us can be found in the upper lobby of the Educational Services Building (ESB) with a selection of books, audiobooks, Kindles, and DVDs that staff, faculty, and students are encouraged to check out. We christened this service Library on the Go. Continue reading

Helpful Hints to Organize Great Ideas Innovatively

Today marks the first BU Innovation Fest when, as an institution, we will come together to discuss great ideas to make BU better. Most of us have experienced having a phenomenal idea (big idea here), but then the process of moving the big idea to communicable form, so others can experience it, build on it, celebrate it, etc., is daunting, preventing us from sharing the innovative idea at all. One possible writing process to enlist as aid to moving the idea to communicable form is organization. Continue reading

Save Time, Get More Done, Get Organized!!!

January iOrganized word arts National Get Organized Month. That’s not really too surprising, as this is the month that everyone starts their year with resolutions or goals on what they want to accomplish for the next 365 days. The problem is, many of us start out great with our intentions, but then time slips by and we lose our motivation.

The question is:  how can we stick to our goals, accomplish what we set out to do, and make a change in our lives?

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Jake’s Tech Tools – GET ORGANIZED




With a new year, many of us desire to grab hold of the reins and stop the runaway stage coach that is our lives and GET ORGANIZED. I know that I live and die by my Google calendar and would utterly lost without Outlook at work. So in an attempt to assist you, the reader, here are some organizational apps for the android and iOS stores for free or little cost. LET’S GET ORGANIZED! Continue reading

Ugly Sweater Parties

Ugly Sweater Winter usually equates to cold weather and gift exchanges with hot cocoa or apple cider. Some warm beverage with a fireplace to keep you company.  Winter also helps you decide what kind of outfits to wear to keep warm. Gloves, hats, coats, boots, and of course sweaters are all important clothing for snow. It also comes with some unusual traditions. Continue reading

Star-Filled Christmas

Countdown to Christmas

During the holidays many of us get nostalgic
and take a step back in time.
We remember moments with family
and the traditional things that we did.
We also like to revisit the popular
or classic holiday movies. Continue reading

The More Than Books Podcast – Episode 2: Net Neutrality

Episode 2 of the “More than Books” Podcast is here!  Named after the official Bellevue University Library newsletter, each episode will feature library staff members discussing a topic related to literature, libraries, technology, pop culture, and more!

PlayMore Than Books Episode 2: Net Neutrality

Description: In this episode, podcast hosts Jake and Joel discuss the politics, history, and impact of Net Neutrality in the U.S.

Click the link to stream, or right click the link and select “Save Link As” to download .mp3 file.

Miss the first episode? Find it here.

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Mentoring Pauline, a Millennial in the Library

Millennial PPTIn October, Pauline Stacchini* and I were given an opportunity to present at the 2014 NLA/NSLA Annual Conference. We were excited and nervous at how our presentation, “Pauline Does Not Work Well with Others: a Millennial in the Library” would be received. As one of the first sessions, we were happy to see our session so well attended. Afterwards, we received a great response, even more than I expected. My personal journey to our presentation was one that I will always fondly remember but the reaction from our audience to our hard work was the icing on the cake.     Continue reading