Ep. 14: Imperma-what? – The Coming Digital Apocalypse

MoreThanBooksLogoWelcome to Episode 14 of the “More Than Books” Podcast! Named after the official Bellevue University Library newsletter, each episode features library staff members discussing a topic related to literature, libraries, technology, pop culture, and more. Now available on iTunes!

“More Than Books” Podcast – Ep. 14: Imperma-what? – The Coming Digital Apocalypse

Description: Joel and Jake have a discussion about the degradation of library materials, the impermanence of digital objects, and what libraries must do in order to preserve what they have (both physically and digitally). Prepare yourself for a heavy library episode!

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Celebrate Audio Book Appreciation Month

Audiobook MonthAs of June 2016, Bellevue University Library owns more than 200 audio books. For members of the Bellevue University community who own a car with a CD player and are anticipating a road trip, those who have a long commute each weekday, or those who just enjoy listening to audio books, it will be worth your time to investigate which titles you can borrow for 21 days. The library has processed more than 30 audio books since April, encompassing many different genres. Here are 12 of the more recent arrivals: Continue reading

Book Review of “Black Diamonds”

Black DiamondsCatherine Bailey’s book, Black Diamonds, opens with the funeral of William the 6th, Earl of Fitzwilliam.  The author uses this as a starting point to not only look into the lives of the aristocrats, but also as a way to focus on the intermingling lives of the aristocrats and the working class. She uses different historical factors such as class differences, the effects of two world wars on England, and how the labor government effectively brought about the end of one of the richest aristocratic families in English history.  She uses this downfall to help readers better understand the history of the coal industry in England. Continue reading

Set Your Eyes on the Constellation Prize

Great OutdoorsJune brings campfires, picnic baskets, catching fireflies, and looking up at the stars. The stars in our night sky are part of the beauty that surrounds us. This month is Great Outdoors Month and while it can get hot during the day, there’s plenty to see at nighttime. Stars pepper our night sky and through the ages humans have created constellations among the stars. They draw from stories, legends, myths and imagination.

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No Pick-up Necessary – Library Material Can be Sent to Your Home

graduation_capIn his May 31 blog post, Joel Hartung informed our new and former graduates of the many library resources and services that are available electronically for all who are Bellevue University alumni. This post will enlarge on that information by sharing that ALL members of the Bellevue University community, including the alumni, can request to borrow Bellevue-owned books and/or audio books to be sent to either your home or business address. The initial lending period is for three weeks, with the option to renew for an additional three-week period. Continue reading

Dr. Joyce Wilson Chronicled 20th Century Changes to Bellevue College Campus

Joyce WilsonOne of the most entertaining sessions of the March in-service day shared by the Bellevue University Library staff occurred when long-time art professor, Dr. Joyce Wilson, regaled the staff with her experiences compiling the history of the first forty years of our institution. Shortly after the year 2000, she was approached with the task of writing this chronicle, which she titled A History of Bellevue University: The First Forty Years (1966 – 2006). Dr. Wilson was a natural choice, as she had been a faculty member here since 1968. Continue reading

Archives Reorganization

IMG_20160512_154953For three days in May, the Library staff took on an ambitious project–mass reorganization and identification of the physical photos in the Bellevue University Archives. Over the years, limited efforts have been made to put the photos into order and identify their contents, but, by and large, photos from all throughout the University’s history and of numerous subjects existed in the same several boxes together, unorganized and in many cases still resting in the envelopes in which they were received from photo developers. Continue reading

It’s All About Yellow, According to Amazon

Amazon Book CoversTo stand out online, publishers push book designers for brighter, bolder covers. The hot color of the moment? Yellow.

Amazon’s sway in the publishing world now extends to even the design of books themselves. The company now accounts for about 45% of all books sold in the U.S., according to Peter Hildick-Smith, president of industry researcher Codex-Group, LLC. Continue reading

National Fruits and Vegetables Month

fruits and vegetables

In today’s western society, it’s hard to always make the right choices when it comes to meals. Families, jobs, obligations – these things put pressure on our lives and it’s so easy for us to take the simple solution and just pick something up. It doesn’t help that an entire fast food industry has been in full swing for the better part of sixty years here in the United States. With the veritable deluge of fattening food, some people rally against the onslaught of fast food and try to embrace more flora than fauna. So, in celebration of delectable plant life, June is National Fruits and Vegetables Month. I’ll be showcasing some items in the library collection that you can check out RIGHT NOW! Let’s get into it! Continue reading