National Food Month!!!

NovemberWhen adults think of November, they think about elections, veterans, and Thanksgiving.  But when you ask a child, “What happens in November?” Some will shout “Thanksgiving!” and others scream “Food day!”

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Being Thankful for Library on the Go

LOTG-NovemberThis year I am thankful for good health and a happy family. I am also thankful for new programs such as Library on the Go which has put a smile on everyone’s face. It has been a pleasure working with our fans to determine which titles to bring and buy. Patrons have also shown me that they love audio books and are pleasantly surprised by our Kindle titles. I am excited to see how everyone reacts to the next round of selections when we set up on November 21st at 11:30 a.m. on the top floor lobby of ESB. We will have bestsellers, award winners, sports biographies, holiday cheer, and  military-related titles. Continue reading

Jake’s Tech Tools – Speeding Up Your Phone


Welcome back, readers! November is upon us and, rather than try to find some sort of cooking app or kitchen-tech bauble, I thought it would be a great time to look at optimizing our cell phones. You’ll be spending lots of time contacting and ignoring your family for the next few months, so shouldn’t your phone be operating at peak efficiency? I recommend researching these apps before you install them.  LET THE CLEANSE BEGIN! Continue reading

Discovering What I Was Missing at the NLA/NSLA Fall Conference

nla-nsla-tweetOn October 9-10, 2014, I attended the Nebraska Library Association (NLA) and Nebraska School Library Association’s (NSLA) annual conference in South Sioux City, Nebraska. At this conference, I attended a variety of sessions which revolved around the theme, “Motivate, Innovate, and Integrate.”  As I listened, however, I came up with my own theme, “Revisit, Remember, and Rejuvenate.”  Continue reading

Armistice Day/Veterans Day in America

GrandfatherOne of my Iowa grandfathers was a World War I veteran. In the 1960s and 70s, he repeatedly told his children and grandchildren that the war ended “on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month”, and that hour each year was when we were to honor and remember those who served to make sure the United States remained a free country. The annual date has remained the same for most of the years of the past century, but the name and emphasis have changed. Continue reading

The “More Than Books” Podcast has landed!

The Bellevue University Library is excited to announce the “More than Books” Podcast!  Named after the official Bellevue University Library newsletter, each episode will feature library staff members discussing a topic related to literature, libraries, technology, pop culture, and more!

PlayMore Than Books Episode 1: Amazon vs. Hachette

Description: In this episode, podcast hosts Jake and Joel discuss the growing fight between book publisher Hachette and internet retail behemoth Amazon. The discussion covers eBook publishing and pricing structure, authors response, and more!

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Military Family Month

Military Family Appreciation Month COLLAGE

Each year since 1996 the President signs a proclamation declaring November Military Family Month. This annual proclamation marks the beginning of a month-long celebration of the Military Family in which the Department of Defense and the nation will honor the commitment and sacrifices made by the families of the nation’s service members. Continue reading

Never Fear, Career Fair is Here!

Take advantage of this great opportunity on October 30th!

Career Fair is the place where several businesses are ready to talk to you about job opportunities.  Are you ready?  Here to take all of the anxiety out of the preparation and to tell us about it is Kim Whiteside, Career Services Manager.   Continue reading

Jake’s Tech Tools – Spooky-Scary-Skeletons Edition


“…if there is a steady paycheck in it, I’ll believe anything you say.”

Welcome back readers to a very Spook-Scary Halloween edition of Jake’s Tech Tools! In general, Halloween (or Samhain, Dia de los Muertos, All Saints Day, etc.) is generally a pretty low-tech holiday. When it comes to the spirit world, technology and ghosts just don’t mix real well. However, a little research provided some interesting apps and a delightful cache of Halloween gold. Put on your wizard hat and robe and make sure to always watch your back. Continue reading

Time Crunched Costume Making

Jacqueline SkellingtonIt’s that time of year where the candy is everywhere, the horror movies are on the TV, and the costumes are taken out for a spin. If you have your costume or you are buying one, you probably have no worries. Unfortunately, with only a week away from Halloween, if you have an urge to make something or have no clue what to be, you may worry it’s too late. Never fear, there are always quick ways to get costumes together.

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