Celtic Knots

Aegis KnotI know that St. Patrick’s Day has already passed us. It’s over and still I could fill up a pitcher of more Celtic things that I want to share. I will, instead, share my love of knot work.

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Jake’s Tech Tools – Movies for Your Bucket List

Le_Voyage_dans_la-lune 2Welcome back, readers! Recently on Reddit, a user posted that she/he has completed the official list of “1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die” (HERE). This got me wondering: how many movies do we own at Bellevue University that are on this massive list? Thankfully, there is a free Wikia list with every single film that has ever made it onto the list (as new films come out, older films are supplanted). With over a weeks worth of  cross-referencing our collection, with the help of Mary Barrett, below is the list of all the films  and the format that Bellevue University owns on the “1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die” List. Continue reading

I Spy- Female Spies from WWII

Since March is Women’s History Month I wanted to spotlight a couple of intriguing women and I decided to look into some real life female spies who worked during WWII!

Nancy WakeNancy Wake

Lived from August 30, 1912 to August 7, 2011. Nancy became a courier for the French Resistance following the fall of France in 1940, at which time she also joined an escape network. She was very good at evading and moving through enemy forces and came to be called “White Mouse” by the Gestapo due to her skill in avoiding capture. Nancy Wake did end up leaving France and ended up in Britain where she joined the SOE, Special Operations Executive, as an agent. Late on April 29th or very early on April 30th of 1944 she parachuted under cover of night into Auvergne, France. During her time in France once again, she became a liaison between London and the local maquis, French resistance, groups. Continue reading

Focus Topics During the March “Library on the Go”

Library on the GoThe “Library on the Go” team will return to the upper lobby of the ESB on Friday, March 20, from 11:30 – 1:00. All Bellevue University staff and faculty members who will be in the area are encouraged to stop by the tables to browse, let the team know what your favorite genre or author is, and check out library items on these topics: Sports, Musicals, British authors, and best sellers. Continue reading

Irish Dishes for St. Patrick’s Day

Table of FoodMarch has rolled around and soon St. Patrick’s Day will be here. Then it’ll be time for four leaf clovers and everything decked out in green. You might even see a leprechaun or two. Many traditions exist within the celebration of St. Patrick and often we just get tied up in the most common ones. The food, for instance, will most likely be corned beef and cabbage for the main meal. At least in my household it always has been.

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Women’s History Month

The theme for this year’s Women’s History Month is, “Weaving the Stories of Women’s Lives.”

Every year the NatWomens History 2015ional Women’s History Project determines the theme for Women’s History Month.  This year’s theme gives all of us the “opportunity to weave women’s stories – individually and collectively – into the essential fabric of our nation’s history.”  Every March, I look forward to reading about women this organization has chosen to honor.  It is these women who have a made a difference that remind me that I can do the same.  All I have to do is push past the odds that are facing me and move forward until I gain the prize I have set before me.

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National Readathon Part 2

So last month was the National Readathon, a four hour reading marathon for promoting reading and literacy. I was super excited when I heard about it and posted about it here. In preparation for the Readathon I gathered a variety of works to have on hand. Some were titles that I had been meaning to read and others were old favorites that are always a fallback choice. Continue reading

Jake’s Tech Tools – The Internet Arcade


Welcome to the month of “love”, readers! This month, I would like to talk about something that is near and dear to my heart – video games. SPECIFICALLY, the arcade games of my youth. Many an hour and quarter was spent in a local Aladdin’s Castle at the mall, decimating what would have been hours of boredom with flashing lights, booming sounds, and the occasional redemption ticket for a plastic doo-dad. I will, however, let you on a little secret: there is a place on the internet where you can play hundreds of arcade classics right in your browser FOR FREE. Come with me now on a journey through time and space! Continue reading