Anthropological Linguistics Journal Review

Anthro. LinguisticsFor centuries people have been trying to study the history, culture, and languages of their own people; trying to discover where they come from and what their ancestors were like.  Taking this path to discovery can be difficult; however, there is one journal that can help take you in the right direction. “Anthropological Linguistics” allows readers to explore many different aspects of the world, and sets out to help readers explore what makes us human. Continue reading

Bed Bugs in a Library?

Bed Bug Sign

This year the Bellevue University Library Staff celebrated its 20th year offering a Professional Growth Day for library staff. The day provided an opportunity for Library Staff to come together and present for 10 minutes each on a library-related topic.  This year, Professional Growth Day was on Wednesday March 8, 2017. The  presentation that I did was, “Bed Bug Prevention in Libraries.” Continue reading

Collection Mapping

Collection MappingAt the Freeman Lozier Library, we always strive to bring you the absolute best materials for your area of study.  In an attempt to locate new and engaging materials for your research, the Technical Services Department has been slowly developing a new method to streamline how your professors make selections for their respective departments. Continue reading

Need a Good Laugh???

Humor MonthHave you ever heard the phrase “Laughter is the Best Medicine?”  Well, according to some studies, laughter produces chemicals in our bodies that relieve stress and enhance one’s physical and mental health and that positive thinking can help people heal from illnesses.  If that holds true, then laughter is a good thing and what better way to recognize it then with a month to celebrate humor. Continue reading

The 2nd Shift Librarian

2nd Shift LibrarianFor many of us in the work force today to get full employment we have to have to work a shift that is not the traditional standby of 8-5 that dominates the work cycle. Some of us have to work a job that begins in the early afternoon and ends before midnight. For librarians we call those professionals 2nd Shift Librarians. Continue reading

Ep. 22: The Maker Movement

MoreThanBooksLogoWelcome to Episode 22 of the “More Than Books” Podcast! Named after the official Bellevue University Library newsletter, each episode features library staff members discussing a topic related to literature, libraries, technology, pop culture, and more. Now available on iTunes!

“More Than Books” Podcast – Ep. 22: The Maker Movement

Description: Jake and Joel are back again with a shorter episode detailing the “Maker” movement and “Makerspaces.” Jake talks about a recent project surrounding a Raspberry Pi computer and gets on a tangent about video games. The hosts then discuss 3D Printers, Drones, Laser Printers, etc.

Click the above link to stream or download this month’s podcast!

Continue reading

Ready, Set, Grow!

Ntl Garden MonthThe weather has been unpredictable all across the country this year, but nothing says Spring like April!  Fittingly, April is National Garden Month – a perfect time to get back out to the soil and get things growing again. National Garden Month is a fairly new celebration. It began as a mere week in 1987 after the National Garden Bureau and 23 other national horticultural organizations worked together to designate a week in April as National Garden Week.  However, as any gardener will tell you, a week is simply not enough! So in 2003, The National Gardening Association took up the cause to extend that week to last the whole month of April.  Each year since, they have sponsored the month, encouraging everyone to get outside and grow something. Continue reading