Fake News

132_1256928‘Fake news’ is not a new phenomenon, but within the last two years its prevalence in the public consciousness has exploded as one of the primary contributing factors to the concept of the ‘post-truth’ society. In an age when most of us get our news from social media feeds we encounter fabricated news stories on a near daily basis, and the best way to avoid falling for them is to consistently exercise one’s critical thinking capabilities and to be unafraid to perform a little detective’s work whenever you encounter something questionable. Continue reading

Patron-Driven Library

Patron Driven LibraryAmong the many acronyms bobbing about in the alphabet soup of librarian-speak, “PDA” has experienced some of the most dramatic definition changes over the past decade. It is no longer just code for students canoodling in the stacks (Public Displays of Affection) or a term for the pocket computers made obsolete by smartphones (Personal Digital Assistants).

PDA stands for Patron-Driven Acquisition, and is also sometimes referred to as DDA (Demand-Driven Acquisition). This is an ebook purchasing model in which patron demand determines which books are purchased for the library. Continue reading

US Newsstream

US NewsstreamWhen working on topical research projects, you want the most up to date information from the most respected news agencies.  If you find yourself struggling to find exactly what you need, try using the database, US Newsstream. Continue reading

Nelson Mandela International Day

Mandela“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”  Those true words were uttered by the human rights lawyer, prisoner of conscience, international peacemaker, and the first democratically elected president of a free South Africa, Nelson Mandela.  The UN General Assembly asks individuals around the world to make a difference in their communities to honor Nelson Mandela’s legacy on the day he was born, today, July 18th. Continue reading

Inside Out: DVD Review

Inside OutPixar Animation has spent the last two-plus decades answering this compelling question: “What if (insert animal/thing) had feelings?  Toy Story: “What if toys had feelings?”  Finding Nemo: “What if fish had feelings?”  Cars: “What if cars had feelings?”  And now, Inside Out: “What if feelings had feelings?”  This film follows Riley, a young girl voiced by Kaitlyn Dias, and her emotions, Joy (Amy Poehler), Sadness (Phyllis Smith), Fear (Bill Hader), Disgust (Mindy Kaling), and Anger (Lewis Black), in this coming-of-age story.  Continue reading

July is Cell Phone Courtesy Month

Cell Phone Courtesy MonthJacqueline Whitmore, author of “Business Class: Etiquette Essentials for Success at Work” is the official founder of National Cell Phone Courtesy Month.  The purpose of National Cell Phone Courtesy Month is to encourage cell phone users to be more to be more mindful of passersby while using their electronic devices. Continue reading

Did You Know? Summer 2017

did-you-knowThe Freeman/Lozier Library is always changing to keep up with the latest trends and services to offer you our best.  Our More Than Books newsletter has a “Did You Know” section that keeps you informed about the changes that have taken place in the library.  Here is the latest news from that newsletter:

Continue reading

Heard it through the (Library) Grapevine

BlogWhile deciding on a topic for the annual Library Professional Growth Day, I needed some inspiration, so I decided to read a few library blogs, listen to some library podcasts, and just generally poke around in some library related websites. I found more than I bargained for!  It turns out there are many great library websites out there connecting librarians, passing information along, and generally getting the word out – in other words a virtual library grapevine. I had found my topic!

Of the many sites I came across, I concentrated on those with applications to the academic library from a variety of perspectives, hoping to find something for everyone.  I eventually settled on these seven grapes on the grapevine:

Annoyed Librarian. This anonymous columnist for the online edition of Library Journal is not annoyed with co-workers or patrons, but rather with the many controversies, big and small, affecting the library world. Readers submit library news articles of a controversial nature to her which she then discusses, usually challenging the popular view. No one knows who she is, and some are offended by what they see as insults in her blogs, but no one can deny that she has an opinion about everything and doesn’t hesitate to express it. She is entertaining while being annoyed and brings newsworthy library topics to the attention of readers who otherwise might not know about them.

Mr. Library Dude aka Joe Hardenbrook is a reference librarian in Wisconsin. He is a prolific blogger, posting under 17 categories who got his moniker when a student who had forgotten his name, tried to get his attention by calling out, ”Hey, Mr. Library Dude.” It is obvious he loves all aspects of his job and the broader library world, but high on his list of current interests are social media, 3D printing, user experience, and space assessment. Don’t miss his popular Lego Librarian blogs, where he features a whole library world he has built out of Legos!

Awful Library Books. This site has some fun with a serious purpose – weeding and collection development. Its creators, public librarians in Michigan, remind us in the most visual way that “hoarding is not collection development” and sometimes you just have to let go!  Librarians eagerly submit books from their own library’s weeding pile, of which there seems to be an endless supply, demonstrating why we weed. Many books are just hilariously out of date, while others are of dubious value at any time. The commentary and images will make you laugh, but beyond the awful books that are featured is sound advice about the importance of weeding. These two experts also share slides from their many presentations here.

Disruptive Librarian Jester and Library Technology Launchpad are two sites that focus on technology issues and trends in the library.  The Jester, whose tagline is “We’re Disrupted. We’re Librarians. And We’re Not Going to Take it Anymore” is all about change, the small ones and the more radical, disruptive ones. “The Launchpad offers “library technology for every librarian” including blog posts and podcasts.

Library History Buff Blog features blogs about libraries from times gone by that preserve our library heritage by providing glimpses into the past. Posts are richly illustrated with historical photos and library memorabilia, giving it the feel of a library archive.  Whether it be a collection of old library cards, bookplates, stamps, postcards, or conference programs or tales of long ago library services and events    you are sure to find many items of interest here.

In the Library with a Lead Pipe is heavier reading for the serious librarian!  Though it started as an award winning peer reviewed blog in 2008, it transformed itself into an officially recognized online peer reviewed open access journal in 2012.  The impetus behind this is a team of librarians of all types from around the world. Some articles have been published as open access elsewhere but they also take original submissions.  These will be reviewed by a panel before being accepted for publication. They publish one to two articles a month representing all kinds of libraries and topics.

I will revisit the grapevine often and surely find a topic there for next year’s Professional Growth Day!

A few other grapes on the vine:

Trevor Owens – Archiving                                               Stephen’s Lighthouse – Trends Innovation, Information

David Lee King – Social media, emerging trends       The Travelin’ Librarian – Michael Sauers

Free Range Librarian – K. G. Schneider                        10 Mysterious Libraries Around the World – video

Made in the USA

Made in the USAOne of the main things Americans think about in July is Independence Day or the 4th of July.  Independence Day is the day we celebrate when the 13 colonies of America declared their independence from Great Britain. Well, there is another “holiday” that is similar to this when Americans celebrate our independence from all countries.  It is called, Made in the USA Day, and it is devoted to promoting merchandise, factory-made within the USA, and goods assembled within the USA. Continue reading

View Lovely Dessert Lasagna Recipes and Cheer!

https://c1.staticflickr.com/3/2605/4123345374_105723cfda_b.jpgJuly 29th celebrates Lasagna! It’s a whole day of heating up the house and enjoying this delicious dish. Now, July is a hot month to be even thinking about preparing such a meal. The oven heats up the house for over two hours and if you’re making it by hand, it takes forever to make. That classic recipe of Lasagna is best kept for winter months, when you need a warm meal while you’re buried beneath thousands of blankets. For the summer, let’s try and focus on some delicious dessert lasagna’s. It keeps the spirit of the holiday while fulfilling a potluck or two. Continue reading