Free Audio Books

Audio cassette tape; Image QuestToday I wanted to highlight two free audio book resources that I’ve been making use of recently.

Open Culture

Free audio books make up only a fraction of the resources Open Culture offers, but for our purposes it’s the most important fraction. Their Audio Books page links users to various audio books that are freely available either for download or for streaming, drawn from a variety of resources and covering the classics of western fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. Some more contemporary works can even be found. Quite a number of these audio books are drawn from the second resource I wanted to cover:


LibriVox is a non-profit, volunteer driven organization that generates public domain audio recordings of volunteers reading public domain books. Despite the fact that it’s loosely organized and volunteer-based, the level of quality is consistently high, and because these works exist in the public domain, they tend to be widely distributed–it’s not difficult to find LibriVox recordings on Youtube, for instance, or for streaming on the Internet Archive.

Of course, there are other resources out there, and there’s even the occasional stand-alone surprise, like Fry Reads Onegin, which just so happens to be my favorite translation of Eugene Onegin, read by one of my favorite ‘voices.’

Share any additional audio book resources that you use and enjoy in the comments!

Do you Know What National Park?

Believe it or not, there is still some time to squeeze in a vacation this summer.  So, why not make it to one of our magnificent National Parks?  If you read my blog post on July 9th, “Out is In” about July being the nation’s official Park and Recreation Month, then you know that I visited Yellowstone National Park.  Did you know that it was the world’s first national park?  Do you know which National Park has the longest cave system in the world?  Check out this infographic to find the answer and more interesting facts about our national parks! Continue reading

Archers Man Your Posts!

Archers To Your StationThe time has come for National Parks and Recreation Month. Not only that, but this month we also have a day to ‘Embrace Your Geekness’ which was July 13th. Due to this, I decided to combine both themes with the ever loved sport of Archery. I will spare the critiquing of Hollywood’s improper presentation, don’t worry. Instead, I will discuss bows and their origins, along with how they tie into geekness.

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Let’s all embrace our geek-itude

2014-07-14 17.02.40

July 2014 Display Case

Ever since the Display Case has been assembled this month, we have noticed an increase in patrons stopping by to look inside, and making a point to ask us about its contents. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Allison Schafer, the circulation assistant who decorated our display case this month.

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Read it while it’s hot – cool YA novels for adults (Part One)

If you are like myself in that you succumb to fads like jeggings or paleo diets, you are probably wondering what the next big literature trend is. If you’ve been paying attention to upcoming movie releases (which are all just based off of books anyway), you have probably noticed a recurrent theme: the main character is a young person escaping from harm in an alternate universe where the whole societal structure is based on some “law” which is contrary to that which we know to be good. Confused? Let me explain further. Continue reading

Jake’s Tech Tools – eBooks and Such

Série Cube

Welcome back, Readers!

After a rant-filled month, I am returning to my review “roots” and will be highlighting free eBook websites that are legal and open to all people with little to no barriers. Please keep in mind that I have no vested interests in these websites; I just did a little digging and found them to be excellent sources for a wide variety of free, legal eBooks. The vast majority of the materials are in the public domain; however, there are a few that are creative commons titles. Enjoy! Continue reading

Overview of Outreach Services Needs Assessment

In August, 2013, I compiled a list of the current e-mail addresses of online patrons and those who attended at the Lozier Center who used Outreach Services during FY 2012-2013. I also included faculty and staff members who were Outreach patrons in the previous eight years. in mid-September, a seven-question needs assessment survey was e-mailed to these 128 former Outreach Services patrons. Replies were to be sent no later than October 4, 2013. By October 6, eighteen replies (14% of the total sent) were received. Continue reading

“OUT is IN”

Park & Recreation

It all began in 1985. That is how long we have celebrated July as the nation’s official Park and Recreation Month. This year’s theme is, “OUT is IN.” The focus is on making this the year that people go outside, change their outlook, and get involved in their community through parks and recreation.

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Turn Your Eyes up to The Night Sky to See Orion and His Belt

This month is focused on the Outdoors. That means gallivanting through trees and avoiding bugs or staring up at the clouds and seeing weird shapes in them. Everyone knows about climbing stuff or playing hide and seek, maybe riding a bike or a scooter, but what about after dark? Sure, July has fireworks, or there are bands to see, but what about just a normal night? Take away the light pollution, and the overbearing noises of the city.

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