Lives Change @ Your Library

NLW_logo 2014Next week we will be celebrating National Library week.  The theme this year is “Lives change @ your library.”  Our library staff believes that Lives Change @ Bellevue University Library because we offer you many opportunities to learn, grow, and be successful in your endeavors.  One way we accomplish this is through our numerous books, various journals, and an expanding DVD collection.  We also offer several workshops throughout the year that encourage you to expand your horizons and teach you about the many resources available to you in the library.

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Jake’s Tech Tools – “Pics or it didn’t happen”


Welcome back, readers!

With spring now in full swing, I feel as though I’m coming out of a figurative hibernation. As I spend more time outside, I find myself taking more pictures. I like to go fishing whenever I can on the weekends and photographic proof is the only way to distinguish between the big catch and the tall tale. So, I thought it would be a great opportunity to highlight some image editing software that is available on the ‘net for free. These programs range from easy to use to challenging-but-rewarding. So, without further pontification, let’s dig in!
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Steam Powered Thoughts: Part 2


Patrick likes Steampunk

Welcome to part two of my Steam Powered thoughts. The discussion I have today is about accessories, my favorite parts of an outfit. Now, steampunk fashion is easy to understand. You take a fashion from the era you’re focused on, change it up a bit and add our technology only based back then. Continue reading

Treasures in the Bellevue University Library

Each library contains treasures that few people know are available. Granted, these treasures are cataloged as part of the collection, but need to be publicized so that more patrons are aware that they exist. For Professional Development Day on February 5, I highlighted three historical treasures that Bellevue University owns that I discovered during 2013. Continue reading

On Infinite Monkeys, Pokémon, and Protein Folding (Part 2)

competitionLast time, I speculated on the worth of the oddball little social experiment Twitch Plays Pokémon (which has since beaten Pokémon Red and Pokémon Crystal, and is currently working on Pokémon Emerald). I still haven’t come to a definite personal conclusion on the value of this particular exercise, but there’s no denying that there’s something thrilling about how a simple video game can be turned into an experience that is wholly different from what its creators intended. Continue reading

How to Be Productive Using Apps

Google Chrome 2

Help!  My life is a mess!  What can I do to get organized?  Have you ever felt that way?  I sure did a few days ago when I had a couple of big reports due at work,  several of my son’s activities to attend during the week, church events to plan, and host a dinner party.  The list could go on, but you get the picture.   The good news is that Google Chrome is here to save the day and it won’t cost you a penny!  On February 5th, I presented on Google Chrome’s productivity apps at the 17th annual Library Professional Growth Day.   Continue reading

Reader’s Advisory, which book do I read next?

Linda - What to read nextI recently presented “Automated Reader’s Advisory” at the 17th Annual Professional Growth Day at Bellevue University Library. My main objective was to find resources I could use to find my next good book. At the time I chose this topic, I did not realize how important leisure reading is to society. It turns out that what we read can make us a more empathetic person and increase our outreach to humanity. By simply reading a story of another culture or human experience, we go through the same emotions of these cultures as if we were there ourselves.   Continue reading

Beyond the Browser: Customizing the Google Chrome Search Box

chromeLast week, I taught a library workshop titled “Beyond the Browser: Using Google Chrome for Productivity and Collaboration.” This workshop focused on lesser known features of the Chrome web browser, including apps, extensions, and settings. One often overlooked feature is the ability to customize the Google Chrome search box. Most users know that by default this box serves dual functions. Continue reading

Creating Videos with ADDIE

Baroness Held By MonsterIn many ways, creating a presentation, composing a piece of music, or even making a film can resemble the act of creating a monster. You need several ingredients, must follow a certain procedure, and when it is made, you need to let it be free.

Addie is not the name of the distressed damsel in this picture, nor the name of an American Girl Doll, but rather an instructional design model. People use ADDIE to create effective lessons, interactive tutorials, and even videos. It stands for: Analyze, Design, Develop, Implement, and Evaluate. Those principles can be attributed to the steps of video creation in order to create fun, yet compelling videos (or creatures). Once you have the idea for your monster, you are ready to begin with ADDIE:

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