Instagram and the Genius Hour

InstagramInstagram is a social media tool that is growing in popularity, especially in libraries.  It is similar to Facebook in that pictures and short videos are posted and viewers can ‘like’ different posts. I have been using Instagram for about a year and have learned new terminology such as dropbox, hashtags, reposts, liking, tagboard, following, and sharing.   Additionally, I have learned that Instagram is meant to be both educational and entertaining.  When researching the #LibrariesofInstagram during my Genius Hour, I noticed that there are common whimsical threads, such as #bookface and #shelfie.  A bookface is the combination of a unique bookcover image that is aligned to a human person.  A shelfie is a self-photo in the library’s book stacks. Continue reading

The Moon and Its Protectors

Full-moonLike the sun and other elements of nature, the moon has been revered as magical. It’s symbolized many goddesses and followed many paths of lore. Werewolves change at the sight of it being full in the sky; a man lives in it, etc. One thing that has not changed is the memorizing effect it has on people no matter the time of month. Continue reading

Summer Solstice

Summer SolsticeThis Sunday brought the first day of summer to June. To others it may go by Midsummer’s Eve and ‘the sun stands still’ but you may know it as the Summer Solstice.

There’s just something about the welcoming of summer and the longest day of the year that says magic. People spend their time praying to ancestors and nature, hoping for prosperous summer tidings. Thousands visit places like Stonehenge and Avebury every year to see the sun rise. The sun creates life and contributes to the circle of existence. It’s full of magic if for no other reason aside from the fact that people think it is. It’s a long standing tradition to perform rituals or ceremonies on Midsummer’s Eve. Continue reading

Podcast Episode 6 – Comic Books: Days of Future Past

Welcome to Episode 6 of the “More Than Books” Podcast! Named after the official Bellevue University Library newsletter, each episode features library staff members discussing a topic related to literature, libraries, technology, pop culture, and more.

Play ButtonMore Than Books Podcast -Episode 6: Comic Books – Days of Future Past

Description: In Episode 6, Jake and Joel discuss the history of comic books, from their initial rise in popularity, all the way through the deluge of comic book movies being released today. Topics include the Golden Age of Comics, the backlash against the medium in the 1950s, the Comics Code Authority, the Silver Age, the Modern Age, and comics on the silver screen.

Click the above link to stream or download this month’s podcast!

Continue reading

It’s all on the web…

Man with laptop in library. Photography. Encyclopædia Britannica ImageQuest. Web. 19 May 2015.Over the past decade when considering the need for libraries, I have heard the phrase “it’s all on the web” more times than I can count. Sure, it is often directed at me and my fellow librarians in jest (and sometimes by my fellow librarians). However, let’s consider the legitimacy of the phrase. Many of our ready reference questions can be answered by a simple Google search. In fact, Google has anticipated your search and almost always fills in the relevant search terms before you type them. The first hit is often a link to Wikipedia which is filled with quick facts and additional links. I admittedly use this search tool first before going to a library or online database. The information is there. It’s quick and easy from a mobile device.  Continue reading

Nature Photography Day

1-Red RocksNature Photography Day is an event created and promoted by the North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA). It is an annual event—which is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year, on June 15th, with the theme Ten Years of Discovery. Nature Photography Day was put together, according to the NANPA website, in order “to promote the enjoyment of nature photography, and to explain how images have been used to advance the cause of conservation and protect plants, wildlife, and landscapes locally and worldwide.” Continue reading

New books at Bellevue University Library


library stock photo

Beatin’ that bummer-time in the summertime…

Fear not, for I am still with you, readers; however, things have been pretty busy at the library with a huge shipment of new titles. We have really been trying to listen to our faculty and staff this last year and have picked a number of new fiction titles that we think will make their way to hungry readers this summer. I should mention that I haven’t had the chance to read most of these titles-I just want to highlight these because they look really interesting. Let’s dig in! Continue reading

Take a walk around the library

Display ShelfIn a few short weeks, we will officially welcome summer. To kick off this season, we welcome you back for a “walk around the library.” Like most students, your classes for the spring term have ended. If you have not signed up for classes this summer, you may have found yourself with a bit of extra time to relax and unwind. You may be tempted to break your routine of coming into the library to research or write a paper. You may not know this but now is the best time to come in, stroll around, and browse the shelves. Continue reading