Victory Day Celebration on September 2nd, Open to All

Where were your parents and/or grandparents 70 – 75 years ago? Did you grow up listening to stories about what they were doing in the early 1940’s? As 2015 continues, those interested in historical events have the opportunity to mark another 70th anniversary from 1945 – the official end of World War II in the Pacific theater. On September 2, 1945, former allies and enemies gathered on the deck of the U.S.S. Missouri in Tokyo Bay to sign the document of the Japanese surrender. In honor of the anniversary of the end of World War II, the Military Veterans Service Center is hosting a celebration at their location (2108 Harvell Circle) from 1000 – 1400 (10:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.) on Wednesday, September 2, 2015. Please consider coming to the Rotert building on Harvell Circle during your lunch hour that day.  Continue reading

You Got a Friend in Me

Winnie the PoohLife is busy, with school, with work, with kids; it’s hard to find the time to exist with people outside of daily tasks. This past week was Friendship Week, not that you need only one week to enjoy the bonds you’ve created. Continue reading

Wuv, Twue Wuv (Love, True Love)

RomanceCan you feel the love? I sure hope so since it is Read a Romance Month! Created by writer Bobbi Dumas in 2013, Read a Romance Month serves the purpose of recognizing the romance genre and the literature that comprises it. Read a Romance Month is celebrated throughout the month of August and this year’s theme is “the joy of romance.” Continue reading

Book review: I am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes

I am Pilgrim by Terry HayesThis summer, my family and I set out on the road headed for the Rocky Mountains. It was going to be a long drive so I knew that I was up to the task of reading the 612 page, debut fiction by Terry Hayes called I am Pilgrim. It came highly recommended by reviewers and I was sure that this thriller would keep my attention even as my four and eight year old kids chattered in the background. The story began with a murder in a hotel room whereby the victim was rendered unidentifiable. The local police reached out to an old friend and retired CIA operative, Scott Murdoch, who worked for a part of the government so obscure that it was only know as The Division. What unfolds is a story of intricate details, weaving of characters, and a reader left wondering how it all fit together. Continue reading

You Put Your Left Hand Out

Left-Hander's DayIf you’re left handed like I am, you know the frustration of supplies for school or work not being made for your hands. The scissors won’t cut right, the spiral notebooks’ binding is in the way, and you just can’t seem to make the mouse agree with you. I can’t even cook at the same time my mother does because the handles hit each other. Well, have no fear, tomorrow is Left-handers Day where lefties can inform people of how frustrating this is. Continue reading

American Art Appreciation Month: I don’t know art, but I know what I like…


In celebration of American Artist Appreciation Month, I thought that I would highlight the one art style/movement that always struck with me as interesting ever since high school: Pop art. Yes, Warhol with his soup cans and Lichtenstein with his comics and all that. Why pop art? First off, you don’t get to judge me. Second, I took a humanities course in high school for fun and learned a great deal about art history, artistic styles, and how to think about art in a more formal way. While I’m certainly not a proficient art connoisseur, I feel as if the class engendered a very early appreciation of art that I carry with me still. Let’s get into it! Continue reading

Fantasy Among Reality

It’s a wonder to see the way nature creates such beauty. There are broken down houses and buildings that have been overtaken by nature. Reclaimed, if you will. And they make such wonderful sights. It’s hard to believe that some of these places even exist outside of a painting. That’s not even from just nature’s creations. Man made things being taken over are one thing, but the shear magnificence of what exists is my favorite. It creates so many story ideas, wondering what could exist beyond our realm of imagination. Continue reading

Space, the final frontier.

Pluto!Did you know that July 20th was Space Exploration Day? I was pretty stoked when I found out because, to me at least, space is a pretty big deal. Space Exploration Day has been celebrated since the early 1970’s and marks the anniversary date of the Apollo 11 moon landing in 1969. Each year since, space explorers have honored this day with more discoveries of the vast universe. Continue reading

I Think I Forgot

MemoriesI Forgot Day was on the 2nd of July. I meant to put this post up then, but it slipped my mind.

Don’t you hate that? Forgetting things? You have so much going on that everything just becomes harder to remember? Continue reading

Jake’s Grill Tools – National Grilling Month


Welcome back readers! Rather than looking into technology, we’re celebrating National Grilling Month! I’m taking a step back from my usual post for one of my favorite summer pastimes: true barbecue! I’m not talking about grilling out in the backyard with some pieces of chicken and mystery-meat hot dogs; I am talking about smoking hunks of meat for long periods of time and going through the ritual. ACTUAL BARBECUE! Let’s get into IT! Continue reading