Creating a Social Resume

Woman In The Grass With A Computer

Back in the day, a job seeker’s goal was to look good on paper. If you looked good on paper—cover letter and resume—then an HR professional would put you in the good candidate pile and call you for an interview.

Today, job seekers need to look good on paper and they need to look good online. So, I ask you . . . what does your social resume look like?

Your social resume, also known as your social footprint, your online presence, your digital brand, et al, is the digital representation of who you are as a job candidate and potential employee. In case you haven’t heard, employers taking a serious look at you for a position will search LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and other sites to get a glimpse of what kind of person you are and what they might expect if they hired you.

One way to impress employers and present the kind of social resume that keeps you in the good candidate pile, is to ensure that your digital identity reflects, supports, and enhances the information you’ve included in your paper resume.

Here are a few websites with information on ways to create and strengthen your digital resume.

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