The Many Lives of Casey Miles

Soldier, Student, IT Pro, Entrepreneur: The Many Lives of Casey Miles

By Dan Silvia, Communications Manager

SAN MARCOS, Calif. — Casey Miles feels like he has already led several lives. More reinvention than reincarnation, Miles has been a young kid growing up in small-town Nebraska, a raw recruit in the United States Air Force, and a polished IT professional.

“It’s almost like you live other people’s lives,” Miles said. “I had this life growing up in rural Nebraska — pickup trucks, drinking beer, street dances, cowboy hats. Then I have my basic training and young military part of my life. It’s a very different life in uniform than it is in a cowboy hat.”

csclogoA 2003 graduate of the University’s Bachelor of Science in Management of Information Systems program, Miles has now made the quantum leap into entrepreneurship as the owner of California Spirits Company. The distillery is located in San Marcos, California, about a 45-minute drive north on Interstate 15 from San Diego.

The distillery offers a number of products including its signature rum, a mojito, a cinnamon apple pie-flavored beverage, and whatever Miles happens to have in research and development at the moment.

miles1cropAfter starting the business in late 2013, the distillery hit some important milestones in late 2016.

“September was the first month where we had money in the bank at the end of the month after all the bills and everything. October will also be a cash positive month and so will November,” Miles said. “The outlook is better. Our airplane isn’t dragging its nose against the ground any more. It’s starting to take off.”

After spending his early years in Omaha, Miles graduated from Ashland-Greenwood High School in 1996 having already established a reputation in IT.

“I got into a little trouble in high school for things like changing my tardies and embedding a video game inside Microsoft Word,” Miles said. “All the kids could hit a key combination and start playing Mortal Combat.”

After high school, Miles worked at Mahoney State Park and took classes at a state university, but could feel that wasn’t the right path for him and that he might benefit from a more disciplined environment.

“I don’t think I was really ready to go to college. I didn’t feel it would be doing my potential any favors. I looked into what the Air Force had to offer,” Miles said. “It was better for me to go and get yelled at for a while.”

Miles first assignment was to England, but after two years he was back in Nebraska, stationed at Offutt Air Force Base and ready to knock out a bachelor’s degree.

“I was looking around and Bellevue had some really advanced offerings, especially in IT. My impression was these guys are getting ahead of the game a bit on this IT stuff,” Miles said. “I studied, I paid attention.  Going to night school, you’re laser focused. We moved through the material quickly.”

With his bachelor’s degree in hand, Miles was recruited out of the Air Force by Foundry Networks in 2003, before joining Brocade in San Diego in 2008 to work in high-performance computing.

miles2cropHowever, after years of crunching big data, Miles was looking to make a change. He started preparing to make another leap by earning an MBA at the University of California-Irvine.

“I was in my second year of business school and started training at different distilleries throughout the U.S. — Boston, Chicago, Denver. Slowly, over a couple of years it started to come together. The point of no return was when I put the down payment on the still. It was an international wire to Germany. You know that money ain’t coming back.”

Making the leap into entrepreneurship required a lot of sacrifice and a lot of support, Miles said.

“As a small business, you have to live very small. You can’t be paying $3,500 a month on a California mortgage,” he said. “We had to sell our house to pursue the American Dream.”

Miles credits his wife, Jenni, for backing him all the way as he poured savings into the new business.

“The unwavering trust of my wife — she’s been very supportive all the way around.”

Other important supporters include in-laws Bill and Jean Bruckner; his parents, Joe and Sandy Miles; brother-in-law John Bruckner; uncle Gary Harpster as well as his siblings including Matthew Miles, who holds an MBA from Bellevue University.

Coming at You! Women’s Basketball Takes the Court

Coming at You! Women’s Basketball Takes the Court

By Dan Silvia

The basketball season at Bellevue University will look a little different this year.

For the first time, the Bruins will be sponsoring a women’s basketball team. Head Coach Dave Denly has been working for well over a year in constructing the roster. The team opened the season on October 28 at the Oklahoma Wesleyan Classic and played its first home contest on November 2 against Grace University.

Denly spent 17 seasons as the head coach at Southwestern College in Winfield, Kansas, while also serving as the school’s athletic director for six years. He compiled an overall record of 348-171 (.671), guiding his teams to eight-consecutive 20-win seasons, setting school records along the way for both total victories in a season and conference wins in a season.

“The school I was at was going through a transition – a presidential change,” Denly said. “The more I heard about Bellevue University, the more I was intrigued.”

Denly signed on June 4, 2015 and set about building the program. It was a bit of an odd experience for the veteran coach to go through a season without a team.

bball2“You don’t really realize how much you’re going to miss having a team,” he said. “You don’t realize how much you’re going to miss having assistant coaches and a staff. Having the day-to-day interaction, the practices — the whole purpose of what you’re doing.”

Denly’s first recruit is a familiar face to Bruin fans, Beth Walker, a two-time All-American as a setter for the University’s volleyball team.

“I could not think of any better person to have in the program to help establish what we want to do. How we want to act, how we want to compete, how we want to carry ourselves,” Denly said.

Other recruits signed on from there.

“From a talent standpoint we have all the pieces that we need,” Denly said. “We’re very athletic, we’re very versatile.”

bballFollowing Walker into the fold was 5-2 point guard Shanae Collins from Sibley, La., via Southeast Community College in Lincoln, Neb.

“Shanae is a dynamic up and down point guard that can defend the ball and creates for her teammates,” Denly said.

Cassidy Hubbs from Oklahoma is the tallest player on the roster at 6-5.

“We have great expectations for her,” Denly said. “I think her best basketball is a head of her. Her potential and her athleticism and her skills are all going to mesh together.”

A pair of junior college teammates come in from Solano College, Alexandra Bader and Christen Voyles.

“They both bring something. Alex is an extreme competitor that can play multiple positions and Kristin is a dynamic outside scorer,” Denly said.

Assisting Denly on the sidelines will be a familiar face to longtime Bruin fans, James “Ice” Benford. Benford, who played for the men’s squad in the late 80s and early 90s, is well connected in the local girls’ basketball scene as a former assistant at Bellevue East and the coach of a select team, the Retro Hoops.

Jillian Flores, a former player at Iowa Western and Benedictine, rounds out the staff. Flores has coached at Peru State the past two years.

“We talk about daily goals, we talk about weekly goals. We break the season up into segments.  Our success is going to be determined by the growth pattern. Where we start at and where we finish at. That’s what we’re going to focus on,” Denly said.  “I do believe that if you take care of those little things, the results will take care of themselves. “


Andersen Foundation: Helping Students Build Windows to a Better Future

Andersen Foundation:  Helping Students Build Windows to a Better Future

By Bill Wax

Donor Profile:  Fred C. and Katherine B. Andersen Foundation

The support of thousands of individuals, corporations, and charitable foundations has helped make Bellevue University Nebraska’s largest private college or university. As the University celebrates its 50th anniversary, we look at a few of the key individuals and organizations whose financial support helped make it happen. The generosity of the Fred C. and Katherine B. Andersen Foundation has enabled Bellevue University to move forward on its educational mission by providing funds for a broad range of University program and project initiatives.  The University owes a great deal of thanks and appreciation to the Fred C. and Katherine B. Andersen Foundation Board of Directors for their continued and loyal support for more than a quarter century.

Andersen Foundation:  Helping Students Build Windows to a Better Future

andersen-lumberThe Andersen Corporation is a leading international manufacturer of windows and doors headquartered in the St. Paul suburb of Bayport, Minnesota, and is an American success story.  Founded in 1903 as Andersen Lumber Company in Hudson, Wisconsin, by Danish immigrant Hans Andersen, it quickly outgrew its original plant site, and in 1913, a new factory was built in South Stillwater (now Bayport) Minnesota, where corporate headquarters are now located. The company currently has more than 20 locations and 9,000 employees, and the 2.8 million square-foot Bayport plant covers 65 acres.

Philanthropy has long been part of the company’s identity, establishing the Bayport Foundation (now The Andersen Corporate Foundation) in 1941. One of five charitable foundations funded by the company, the Fred C. and Katherine B. Andersen Foundation was incorporated in 1959, and awards grants totaling $16 million to $18 million per year. The Foundation’s primary giving focus is “higher education organizations that do not receive federal funding” like Bellevue University.  It also supports local non-profits near company facilities in Wisconsin and Minnesota. And because the Foundation gives “undesignated” grants not restricted to a specific project or program, the recipients can invest the funds where they are needed. Giving priorities include academics, the poor and economically disadvantaged, the arts, and health.

Katherine B. and Fred C. Andersen

Bellevue University’s relationship with the Fred C. and Katherine B. Andersen Foundation began in 1989, when then “Bellevue College” asked the Foundation for a grant to support its development agenda. A $50,000 check from the Fred C. and Katherine B. Andersen Foundation arrived at year’s end. Since that initial gift, the Foundation has continued to support the University, and total contributions to date are approaching $6 million, enabling thousands of students and graduates to receive a quality, affordable college education. The support from the Fred C. and Katherine B. Andersen Foundation has helped Bellevue University to quadruple its enrollment through a broad range of development initiatives, including new programs, new and renovated facilities, campus expansions, technology upgrades, enhanced student support services, and scholarships for needy students.

Resilience: Rahim’s Story Seeks to Empower Others

Resilience: Rahim’s Story Seeks to Empower Others

By Dan Silvia, Communications Manager

This is when those project management skills really pay off.

Dr. Emad Rahim, the Director of the Project Management program at the University and the Kotouc Family Endowed Chair for the Project Management Center of Excellence, has a lot on his plate these days. He recently helped secure accreditation for the Master of Project Management program through the Global Accreditation Center (GAC) and published an autobiography/self-help book Resilience: From the Killing Fields to Boardroom, all while juggling his teaching responsibilities and a hectic speaking schedule.

bookRahim’s escape from the killing fields of Cambodia to success in the United States is well documented. In his book, he recounts his struggle both in escaping Cambodia and the rough times he experienced with an abusive stepfather in his early days in Brooklyn, New York.  Resilience goes beyond autobiography and offers advice on how others can overcome adversity as well.

“I’m pretty humbled and excited about it,” Rahim said. “I share my own story about my journey and how I overcame adversity surviving the concentration camps of Cambodia, the streets of Brooklyn, to finding my way through academia. Much of my success has come through non-traditional education. Kind of showing that path that not everybody goes through traditional universities and some of us actually discovered higher education as an adult while working full-time.”

Rahim came to Bellevue University in 2013 as an evaluator for GAC assessing the University’s undergraduate Project Management program and was impressed with what he saw.

I really liked what I saw, I really liked what I heard,” he said. “The student-focused mission of Bellevue, that it was not-for-profit. It had a traditional campus, but it focused a lot on non-traditional education to support that adult student with that working family structure — I just really appreciated what I heard.”

emad-rahim-2Rahim was impressed enough with what he saw to investigate opportunities at the school — first as an adjunct and later as a full-time professor.

“I really liked the flexibility that they gave the faculty to provide different resources to students, to update the curriculum, to make it more meaningful to the students,” he said. “We as faculty at Bellevue focus a lot on mentorship and support. We do a lot outside the classroom in addition to inside the classroom. I’ve come to really appreciate that.”

The newly acquired accreditation for the Master’s degree is the latest feather in the cap of the Project Management program.

It’s the highest form of accreditation a degree program can earn by way of project management,” Rahim said. “Students know that all of our curriculum, all of our content, our teaching methods, our assessments, all of these things measure up to what other Universities that are accredited go through.”

The University’s Project Management Center of Excellence is a key component that helps differentiate the program. A blog that features articles written by practitioners, interviews with senior project managers from Fortune 500 companies, with additional content provided by students illustrates the value of the Center.

There are very few universities that actually dedicate an entire center of excellence to project management,” Rahim said.  “We focus on educating people not just within the curriculum, but with what’s trending in project management as well.”

An emphasis on the practical is one of the main components of the Project Management programs.

We have a practitioner focus. We want to make sure we prepare our students for a career in this field or to advance their career,” Rahim said. “Every time a student completes a course they have some things that they can put into their tool box. Every assignment that they complete is more than a grade, they’re developing templates, developing plans, developing presentation materials, developing spreadsheets. They’re creating artifacts that they can use as actual resources.”

In addition to all his work with and for Bellevue University, Rahim has a busy calendar. He’ll be at Cal State-Long Beach next month and will be giving another TedTalk in February at Upstate Medical University. He’ll also be in Costa Rica evaluating a school seeking GAC accreditation.


Debbie Galusha Joins Bellevue University Family

Debbie Galusha Joins Bellevue University Family

 By Dan Silvia, Communications Manager

galushaDebbie Galusha has joined Bellevue University as the Director of the new Teacher Education Program. Galusha brings a wealth of experience to the position as a longtime science teacher for Omaha Public Schools (OPS) and as an adjunct for a consortium of community colleges in Iowa. With brothers Rick, an Associate Professor at the University, and Wes, an adjunct in Art, serving at the University, she’ll be amongst not just friends, but family.

Galusha shared her thoughts on the potential offered by the Teacher Education Program and the opportunities available at Bellevue University.

What do you see as the challenges and opportunities with the program?

The Teacher Education program, once it receives approval from the State, will meet community needs in schools by providing additional qualified educators, particularly in areas in which there are shortages in Nebraska as identified by a feasibility study done a year ago by the University.  The program will also meet needs of Bellevue University students who have an interest in becoming teachers in their major areas of study.  To provide certification in those identified needed areas, the University will be expanding curricular elective choices in areas such as business and biology, and will be expanding the majors offered by adding public health education, mathematics and history majors.  These changes will enrich the educational opportunities for our students.  This program will also encourage the University in finding effective ways to work with our transfer and residential students.

What first attracted you to the position?

About a year ago I met Rick McFayden (former longtime professor at the University, now an Academic Dean at Iowa Western Community College) at an art show who shared with me his excitement about the possibility of the Teacher Education program coming to Bellevue University.  I find the challenge of starting a new program to train new teachers a means by which to positively engage young children educationally and also to find an avenue to support new teachers in an educational setting so that they develop skills and confidence to remain in their chosen field of teaching.

What was your previous assignment before accepting this position? Other previous assignments you want to include?

My career was primarily as a science teacher for OPS.  I’ve been an online science adjunct for about 14 years for a consortium of community colleges in Iowa.   After retiring, I took a position as director of a wonderful preK-12 bilingual school for local youth on a mountain in Costa Rica.  Pura vida (Pure life).

What is your educational background? (bachelor’s, master’s, Ph.D., if applicable).

I have a BA in English after which I got certification to teach secondary English; an MS in agronomy after which I did soil research and statistics until, missing teaching teenagers, I got my certification to teach science; substantial work on an unfinished PhD in prairie ecology; an MA in educational administration and supervision, and an EdD in that same area.

Rick is older/younger brother? What all did he have to tell you about Bellevue University? 

Rick is the youngest.  Wes, the middle sibling, is an adjunct here in art.  Anyone who knows Rick knows that he holds his opinions close to himself – this is a family characteristic.

My offhand dream is to have my dad hired for a day so there are four Dr. Galushas all working together.

Who have been some of your biggest supporters throughout your career?

Family and friends, and wonderful dedicated colleagues


Alumni Spotlight: Ashley Kruse

Alumni Spotlight: Ashley Kruse

By Jennifer Woodard

ashley-sinatraMeet Ashley Kruse, a double alum with a 2008 Bachelor’s in Marketing Management and a 2010 Master’s in Managerial Communication.

Where are you currently working, and what is your role within the organization? LinkedIn; Senior Relationship Manager

What are some of your job responsibilities?

I’m a Senior Relationship Manager at LinkedIn. I am eager to wake up every morning and head to the office to make a difference in small businesses all over North America. I consult and strategize with small to medium sized businesses on how to attract and retain the best talent in their industries. It is one of the most rewarding and challenging things I have done in my career. While my role is revenue generating, my goal is client success and ensuring that my clients see massive ROI for their businesses in the form of Human Capital and increased revenues for their businesses.

Tell us what you loved most about your Bellevue University Experience:

I loved that I could work full time to support myself and also finish both of my degrees in areas that I found challenging and rewarding. At times it was very demanding and challenging but I am so grateful for the flexibility that I found at BU.

Do you have any special memories to share?

While attending Bellevue University, I was also a full-time employee at the University. My special memories revolve around my colleagues who were in the same programs as I was and the fun we had juggling being full time students and employees in the Marketing department. I made lifelong friendships through my experience.

What advice do you have for current students?

Education and that piece of paper is something that can never be taken from you. Your hard work and your diligence in investing in yourself is one of the most courageous efforts you will ever make in your life. You are stronger and more resilient than you think and when you look back 5 years from now, all the late nights and stress will be well worth it.

Tell us about your hobbies and interests:

My husband and I enjoy traveling as often as possible and when we aren’t traveling, we are renovating our 100 year old home outside of South Omaha. I’m an animal lover and enjoy spending time with my “kids”, Kota (my two year old Rottweiler) and Julius (my 8 year old cat). I am also big into gardening(or attempting to garden), holistic health/wellness and cooking. Outside of those things, I spend a lot of my time at Crossfit (which I got into thanks to Mike Livergood) and with my friends.


Alumni Spotlight: Eric Savage

Alumni Spotlight: Eric Savage

By Jennifer Woodard


Meet Eric Savage, a 2014 Bellevue University graduate with a Master of Science in Cybersecurity.

Where are you currently working, and what is your role within the organization?

I am currently employed at Seymour & Moulton Community School Districts in Seymour and Moulton, Iowa as their Technology Coordinator.  My time is split 50/50 between the schools.

What are some of your job responsibilities?

I am in charge of all Technology throughout both schools.  One school uses Macs and Chromebooks while the other uses Microsoft Windows so I’m responsible for a wide range of issues.  The responsibilities include, but are not limited to: resetting passwords, creating emails (both schools use domains through Google), fixing Chromebook issues such as broken monitors, bad batteries and broken chargers , monitoring and keeping the network WiFi going, keeping the security software up to date and verifying scans, recommending tech purchases and purchasing the equipment or software, working with Promethean Board issues such as projector not projecting, pen not calibrating properly and keeping drivers up to date, keeping the Web pages up to date, and creating accounts in Active Directory.  I could go on, but you probably get the picture.  It is just me in the “Tech Department” so if it is a Tech related issue, I am the one that deals with it.

Tell us what you loved most about your Bellevue University Experience:

There are two things that stood out the most about Bellevue:

Professor Ron Woerner went out of his way in the beginning to help me learn more about Bellevue and helped me get as much information as I needed. If it weren’t for him being so involved with answering all my questions, I don’t believe I would have made the transition to Bellevue.

I loved working with all the Professors throughout the Cybersecurity field. Whenever I had a question, they were answering me within the day if not within a few hours.  The one thing they made sure you knew was that no question was too stupid.  If you were asking it, you didn’t understand and that is what they were there to help you do.  Throughout my three degrees, I found that the Professors at Bellevue were the best I had dealt with.

Do you have any special memories to share?

I’d have to say that my biggest special memory (when it comes to my education with Bellevue) that I have is the Graduation Open House.  I got to meet, in person, two of my Professors.  Since I was an online student, I had no face to face contact until that night.  One was Professor Woerner and one was Professor Frederick Donovan.  Just getting to talk to them in person and talk about the journey I had just finished was a big moment for me.  Then, at graduation, when the staff was walking out, Professor Donovan stopped in my area to shake my hand and congratulate me.  It made me feel proud to be a graduate of Bellevue University.

On a personal note, the biggest special memory I have is that my wife and kids, parents, siblings, brother-in-law, and niece and nephews were all in Council Bluffs for the graduation.  We spent time together celebrating what I had just accomplished.  My wife and kids and I also went to the Omaha Zoo.  That was amazing and some place I’d love to go back to.  It was one of those weekends you just wished didn’t end.  If it weren’t for my family’s support throughout the whole process, I don’t know how far I would have made it.

What advice do you have for current students?

You’ve probably heard it time and time again, but never give up.  It might seem like things hit rock bottom while trying to obtain your degree/s, but the end result is worth it.  Also, never be afraid to ask questions.  That is how you learn. If you do not ask the question, you may never learn the answer.

Tell us about your hobbies and interests:

Apart from working with computers, I play Call of Duty.  It is my release after a long day of work.  I also love watching and keeping up with the NFL.  I have a favorite team but I love football in general.  There are only a few teams I do not root for.  I do keep up with the NBA and MLB but not as much as I used to.  I follow college basketball and football more than those two.  I was born and raised in Arkansas so I am a Hog fan and enjoy keeping up with all their sports, but mainly their football team.


Alumni Spotlight: Donna Dostal

Alumni Spotlight: Donna Dostal

 By Jennifer Woodard

donna-dostal-headshotMeet Donna Dostal, a two-time Bellevue University alum with a 2008 Communication Arts and Liberal Arts with Professional Application Degree (LAPA) and a 2011 Master of Public Administration (MPA). Since graduating from Bellevue University, Donna has become the Chief Development Officer for Heartland Family Service. Donna oversees the agency’s fundraising efforts, volunteer involvement, marketing, communications and public relations.

Tell us what you loved most about your Bellevue University Experience:

My time with Bellevue University helped me fulfill my life-long dream of achieving my college degree.  The coursework in nearly every class I took was directly relevant to my work, and helped me to become a more critical and strategic thinker.  Going to Bellevue University helped me grow into the person I always wanted to be…and for that I am truly grateful!

Do you have any special memories to share?

I’ll never forget the amazing support of Dr. Joe Wydeven.  He was my mentor and inspiration, not only during my program, but even after graduation.  He taught me to “never be a finished product.”   On our last day of class, he challenged us to never stop learning and growing, and I think I took that to heart and have tried very hard to live his words. He was a dear soul.

Tell us about your hobbies and interests:

I love to volunteer my time for the community, including my time spent helping the City of Bellevue on the Complete Streets Citizens Advisory Panel.  Also, I enjoy crocheting, shopping, and road trip adventures. My husband, Larry, and I also consider ourselves “foodies” and love to visit new and different dining experiences here in the metro and while we are out traveling in the heartland.

What advice do you have for current students? 

Education is the gift you give yourself that no one can ever take away. Cherish this gift and never be a finished product!

50th Anniversary Open House a Hit; Honors History, Vision

50th Anniversary Open House a Hit; Honors History, Vision

By Dan Silvia, Communications Manager

SONY DSCWith new banners unfurled across campus at the beginning of the week, the University continued its year-long celebration of its 50th Anniversary with an Open House on Friday, October 28. The event included food catered by four University alums and displays at several locations throughout campus.

SONY DSCWhile the food at the Margre H. Durham Student Center made it the hub of the event, attendees also enjoyed displays at the R. Joe Dennis Learning Center, Riley Technology Center, Freeman/ Lozier Library, and Hitchcock Humanities Center.

Members of the Premier Partner Network team greeted people in the lobby of the Learning Center, while the new science labs in the rear of the building proved to be a main attraction.

croplabWilly Theisen, a noted Omaha restauranteur and entrepreneur, was particularly impressed with the new facility after touring it with University President Dr. Mary Hawkins.

“I’m almost speechless after we ran through this,” he said. “The new science facility is state of the art. It’s probably ahead of state of the art. The way it’s laid out, the vast amount of high tech equipment, all brand new — I haven’t ever seen anything quite like that.”

The longtime Omaha resident lauded the growth of the University over the years and its role in the community.

“It’s such a vast array of students — ages, backgrounds, ethnicity,” he said, noting the University impact on the local community as well as the accessibility online. “It’s a place you have to take a real hard look at as far as higher education. We’ve got others in the city, but this is very unique.”

SONY DSCIn the Riley Technology Building, displays highlighted the new teacher education program, the math lab, and the Sanford Institute of Philanthropy as well as the Kirkpatrick Signature Series. Visitors could learn about the new Opportunity Campus in the Freeman/Lozier Library, while the College of Continuing Education, the Center for Student Engagement, and Supply Chain, Transportation, and Logistics Management program had displays in the Hitchcock Humanities Center.

SONY DSCAlumni-owned businesses B&B Classic Dogs (Diane Bruce), Maria Bonita Catering (Itzel Lopez), Patricia Catering (Patricia Regan), and Stickalicious Pops (David King) helped keep attendees well fed during the event.

“For me it was a great event because a lot of people hadn’t heard of us, so it’s a good introduction for us,” said Bruce, who owns B&B Classic Dogs. “Bellevue University always takes good care of their alumni and to see new faces made it even better.”

An opportunity to highlight the past achievements of the University, its present workforce, and its vision for the future left Hawkins well pleased.

cropbridge“The Open House really allowed us to shine a light on the accomplishments of the University and publicize what we have to offer and where we want to go next,” she said. “We’re very proud of the history of our University and excited about where we are headed.”

The University garnered a little publicity in advance of the event with an article on the front page of the Midlands section of The Omaha World-Herald.

img_0470In advance of the 50th Anniversary Open House, banners, placards, and other features were placed around the University. In addition to approximately 80 banners outfitting the light poles, there are seven large banner sets around the main campus and Lozier. The locations of these banners are the south exterior side of Humanities (facing the parking lot), the bell tower, the west side of the Lozier building (visible from 120th Street), the ESB atrium, Learning Center lobby, the Military Veteran Services Center lounge, and the ASB lobby.

Designed by Alicia Freeman and Becky Urlaub from the University’s Marketing Department and printed and installed by University partners at Identity Marketing, the banners were created with a goal of generating awareness of and excitement for the University’s 50th anniversary.

SONY DSC“We were hoping to bring a touch of nostalgia to the Open House event as we look back at history, and also a sense of pride as we recognize all that we’ve accomplished over the last half century,” said Urlaub. “The entire project has been a lot of fun – looking through all the old photos, learning about our history, seeing all the banners go up on campus. We’re very pleased with how everything turned out, and with the positive reactions from students and employees. I had a student stop and ask me about them, thanking me for them and saying that the banners make it ‘feel like a real college’.”

croptableA timeline documenting the University’s 50th-year history, written and designed by Urlaub and Freeman, adorns the glass wall of the Quiet Room in the Student Center. Urlaub and Freeman again collaborated to create

“Bellevue University has a very interesting history that deserves to be told – in a big way. The timeline in the student center was designed to do just that,” Urlaub said. “We wanted to place it in a high traffic, highly visible location where it can be enjoyed all year.”

Strategic Marketing Program Scores in Online Rankings

The Master of Science in Strategic Marketing program was recently recognized by several online ranking bodies as being amongst the most affordable degrees of its kind.

badgeBest College Values ranked the University’s Master of Science in Strategic Marketing and MBA with a concentration in Marketing at No. 2 on its list of Top 10 Most Affordable Online Master’s Degrees in Marketing. Wilmington University, located in New Castle, Delaware, was the top ranked school. Other ranked schools included Liberty University and Saint Leo University.

college-values-online-top-degree-programs-2016College Values Online ranked the program at No. 3 on its list of Top 20 values in Online Marketing Master’s degrees. Northeastern University in Boston was the top ranked school followed by Boston University and Bellevue University. Bellevue University ranked ahead of such schools as Walden University, Southern New Hampshire University, and Northcentral University.

Additionally, the University’s MBA with a concentration in Marketing was ranked fourth in Best Marketing Degrees List of the 20 Best Online Master’s in Marketing Degrees. University of Saint Mary in Leavenworth, Kansas was the top rated school, while other ranked schools included Saint Bonaventure, Northwestern (Ill.), Brandman, and Regis.